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Our website is designed primarily to serve the needs of our Club membership.

The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club supports a variety of firearm shooting disciplines.  The High Power Rifle, Blackpower, Defensive Pistol, and Action Pistol disciplines host shooting competions that are open to the public, so Club membership is not required to participate in those schedule matches.  A calendar of shooting events as well as information regarding each discipline can be found on our web page links.  Please see the Members page link for more information regarding Club membership.

Directions to Range: Area Map / Local Map

Important News:

  • WEBSITE HAS BEEN UPDATED.  New Schedule is available.  Sorry for the delay.  Still working on some pages.
  • Members area range code updated for 2016 season.

2016 Upcoming Events 

  • April 30 - Newsletter Input Deadline
  • May 01 - Black Powder (9am Rifle Range)
  • May 07 - ACPDL (9am Pistol Bays)
  • May 14 - High Power Prone Match (9am Rifle Range)
  • May 15 - USPSA Pistol (9:45am Pistol Bays)
  NOTE:  All listed match times are 1st shot times.  Registration for
             event starts 30 minutes to 1 hour before listed time. 

We ask all members and their guests to *PLEASE* police all brass and steel casings, shotgun hulls, etc. Common sense would tell one to do this, but it is also a range rule.  *Disregard of this rule can and will result in the removal from this club* of the offending member.  All of the items mentioned can act as dangerous projectiles when struck by a mower.  This range is maintained by a small handful of volunteers who do not have time to clean up after you or your friends. 

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